During the Christmas break, our Engineering Manager Jimmy Tickner wanted to get involved with doing what he could to support the NHS. He set out to raise much-needed funds for the NHS and he’s managed to raise £150 in just a few days after it launched. With the initial goal of £150 met, he now has his eyes on raising even more.

We know him as Jimmy at work, but Paul “Jimmy” Tickner, 53, came up with the idea of helping people to donate the cost of a Covid-19 vaccination if they felt they could afford one. Having discussed it with his wife Claire, Paul set up a dedicated Facebook fundraiser page which would link up with and support NHS Charities Together.

Committed to helping the NHS, NHS Charities Together is the national collective voice for over 240 of NHS Charities in the UK. NHS charities are the legal way that the NHS receives, holds and spends charitable funds and they give £1million a day to the NHS.

Paul explains, "Claire and I were discussing this over Christmas and working out how we might be able to help. We came up with the idea to set up a Facebook charity page for the NHS. We figured that most people would pay for the vaccine if they could, so wouldn’t it be good if we created an easy way to raise some crucial funds for our heroes? It doesn’t matter what you contribute, even £3 makes a massive difference. We hoped to raise £150 but we've already done that so now we're aiming a little higher at £500. Fingers crossed we can get there as it is a great cause."

316 Engineering’s general manager Michael Donachie and operations manager Clyde Stratton have both pledged to support Paul’s efforts, by donating £150 to back his campaign at the 40-strong engineering firm.

Michael and Clive say “on behalf of 316 we feel extremely proud to support such a wonderful and vitally important cause in these critical times. Jimmy Tickner came up with the proposal and we’re supporting him to communicate this wonderful initiative across 316 Engineering and our Partners at the Go2 Engineering Group. The passion he has displayed is a credit to Jimmy and his family.”

Jimmy and the wider 316 Engineering team have worked throughout the pandemic and we’re grateful that the business has remained operational so we can continue supporting our customers in the food and beverages industry with engineering solutions. We fully understand the challenges this virus has brought to all our lives, yet this is nothing to the challenges our NHS has to face 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Paul Swift has retired - all at 316 wish him well. He does look surprised as our new General Manager Paul Carter hands him his superbly crafted 316 Stainless Steel hammer - mounted and inscribed. Have a fantastic retirement Paul.

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The World's Greatest Storesman 316's Louis Schofield in action and raising money for cancer research. It was Louis' debut fight and his opponent was stopped from taking further punishment in less than 2 minutes of the first round. Don't mess with the 316 stores department !

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